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Beautiful Sunset

about me



Who I Choose To Be

I Am here. I am perfectly me. I am the Difference. I am fearless. I am wanted, loved and cherished. I am that I savor this moment like ice cream. I am variety as I create possibilities from a blank canvas. I am infinite love to my best friend, the gorgeous and Christ-like, Sophie Ann Weech. I am that my family are perfectly them. I am unconditional love, forgiveness and appreciation. I am interested in you. I am that I minister to the one. I am the distinction, abundance. I am that my heart knows the way. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am that I hearken to the counsel of my Heavenly Parents and serve others wherever I stand. I am calm, collected and swift to act. I am that I create intentionally with the end in mind, from my being. I am that I can do that. I am "all in" on life. I am grateful for the beauty that is all creation. I am that I embrace what is. I am that the best-case scenario is the only scenario. I am that my perception is my teacher. I am passionate, free and unlimited. I am listening. I am respectful of the beliefs of all. I am instant connection with others, experiencing them as tender mercies as my love envelops them in a warm embrace. I am that you are my friend and I love you as myself, for we are one. I am that I own this moment to create and experience miracles. I am that I act, learn then act again. Here I Am!

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